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Anger Management Course

4-week Curriculum (meets each Saturday)

As children, we often learn that feeling anger is a bad thing. So we grow up as adults and think either I need to tuck my anger away and pretend everything is alright OR we grow weary and escalate at the expense of self and others. Whether silently tucked away in the name of peace or escalated, it’s an anger management issue and for many simply requires learning a more excellent way. 

The Anger Management education course teaches you how to:

  • Respond instead of react.

  • Recognize and manage stress and anxiety.

  • Use calming techniques (breathing, mindfulness, etc).

  • Identify destructive thought patterns & anger triggers.

  • Use assertive not aggressive communication.

  • Solve problems using conflict resolution.


$325 per person (includes workbook & certificate of completion).


Online classes available!

For more information, contact us at: or call us at 240-716-4538.

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