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Let's chat, it's not that hard


 is a compilation of 21 true stories taken from Leasia's life that paint a picture of how easy it is to carry out and spot scriptures at work in simple daily activities. 

She shares candid moments about her Christian walk in the home, work, and school. Leasia invites you to journey with her through life as she walks out her faith. Live and in living color!! 

Who Wants to Talk to God?

Come meet Daniel! Daniel loves to play with his brothers and sister. When his sister falls outdoors, Daddy’s prayer helps her feel better. At dinner, Daniel’s brother says just the right words when he prays. Daniel is not quite sure he’ll ever be able to pray as good as them, so when Daddy asks, “Who wants to pray?” Daniel says, “Not me.”How can Daddy and Momma Lea show Daniel that praying is not as hard as he thinks?

Leasia L. Brooks


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